sound installation for bars sound installation for bars sound installation for bars
sound installation for bars

About Us

At Entertainment Nine we focus on three important areas of the entertainment world - Artist | Music | Sound

Artist - We have an extremely talented pool of DJs, covering a wide range of genres, experimenting with both the commercial and non-commercial sides of music, and well trained and polished to perform at the finest Bars, clubs and pubs as well as private gatherings across the country. We are professional Artist Managers and Artist Programmers, with a combined team-work experience of years. We specialise in DJs, VJs, KJs, MCs, Live Bands and Live Acts.

Music - We are passionate about delivering a curated music experience. We offer both, Offline & Online Curated Music Streaming, guaranteed to meet all your off-peak hour music requirements at office , retail , gyms, spa, club houses , malls, bars, pubs, clubs and others.

Sound - We are experts in designing the Acoustics for Pubs and Clubs. We have more than a decade of Designing and Installing Professional Sound Systems in a lot of famous venues across the city. It becomes extremely important to design the right sound for a venue, and we believe it is as important a stakeholder in the success of a venue.

Our team of experts offer in-depth advice through our Audio and Video Consultancy Services , Sound Acoustics and Reinforcement Services, Supreme Audio-Visual Systems Integration Services, Installing Projectors and Public-Address Systems ,that remain unmatched. . We will leave no stone unturned by supplying all kinds of Premium and Professional Sound Equipment such as DJ Mixers, DJ Controllers, DJ Consoles, DJ Gear and other accessories. We have been nominated as one of the best Sound System Dealers in Bangalore and provide Rental Services as well.

In a nutshell - We aid Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, Clubs and Breweries by providing Professional, High-Quality Sound Systems to keep your customers entertained with an unmatchable sound experience. We provide equipment suitable for all kinds of events, as well as DJs, Live Bands and Live Acts.

sound installation for bars

The Team

A DJ by profession, Ganesh has 18 years of experience in this field. He ventured out into the business world in 2010 and provided back-end music & sound support to outlets. He currently trains & deploys the DJs with Entertainment Nine. With an eye for detail and a sense of perfection, Ganesh ensures there is no compromise with service!

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Every company is a bit of each of its client. And how glad are we to have such a fabulous list of names with us!

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audio installation


audio installation


To be the best, you need to surround yourself & work with the best. A shoutout to the constant support from all our fabulous partners!

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