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This unique bar follows the mantra of ‘Beauty in Simplicity’. Created, keeping in mind and soul all the elements that make a destination a home, 612 East presented us with a challenge like no other: a turnkey solution to handle their sound & music, in the heart of Indiranagar’s residential area!

The venue required a system that had to be split into two floors, one for a casual dining experience and the other a party zone for when need arises.A sound system was designed to a level of 75 db to allow for conversations to take place smoothly on the floor below while allowing a raging party o the level above.

We added a visual element to increase interaction with the customers by adding music videos on a screen. We also took care of providing DJs for the parties, depending on the occasion.

A music menu was designed with nostalgic and fresh music to appeal to both the young and the old, covering all the hits from the 80s to now! We wanted to make sure you don’t just know the music, remember it or want to sing along to it but flat out love it.

612 East really lives up to its mantra …. Make it Simple, But perfect.

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