Most clients want the best home theatres but have little or no knowledge about the physics of sound replication such as acoustic environment, sound amplification, speaker configuration, etc. Installing a home theatre without acoustic design might result in a highly muddled, echoing and dull listening experience with disappointing sound quality.

Listening room construction and acoustic design have a significant effect on how the room will sound. In fact, these elements account for a majority of the home theatre’s performance.

It is best to consult an Acoustic Consultant before buying a high-end system for your homes. A qualified acoustic consultant can not only identify and fix the potential problems but can also suggest ways to improve the room’s design layout. That’s where Entertainment Nine comes in.

Transparent, detailed and synchronized communication with the interior designer & our client is of utmost importance to ensure that plans as per the drawing board are meticulously implemented on site.

Site visits at crucial junctures help in eliminating the glitches in aspects of the acoustic treatment and ensure proper termination of the cables and continuity of the cables are laid.  Aesthetics are instrumental in any environment but to ensure that aesthetics does not come in the way of the acoustics or vice versa, our team work’s with an understanding between our acoustic consultant, interior designer, and the execution team.

 Entertainment Nine will suggest or ensure you choose the right acoustic material, the right areas for acoustic treatment, the specificity of the acoustic treatment in comparison with listener positions, the nature of treatment (absorptive and diffusive) will be achieved together to ensure a perfect sound reproduction environment.

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