Every occasion livens up further with the presence of an artist. We amp up the magic at your venue with celebrity musicians, performers, comedians, VJs, KJs, Emcees, live bands, and more. We at Entertainment Nine have carefully chosen and vetted the country’s best artists and performers, who are sure to contribute to that added zest factor at your event.

Artist, DJ’s, VJ’s, KJ’s, Emcee, Live Bands Entertainment nine
“An event is not over until everyone is tired of talking about it.”

Mason Cooley



With a highly passionate team that has combined years of experience in the music industry, we can safely say that we’ve nailed down the elements that work at different venues and different kinds of events. We walk with you to identify the mission and vision of your event and curate a customized event plan just for you.

Once you have given us a go-ahead for the artist selected, we take care of everything from the booking of the artist to set up their technical requirements & experience.

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