Curated Music Systems and Services

Curated Music Systems and Services For Business

Entertainment Nine offers the background B2B music streaming options. Do you have any specific genre in mind? Let us know! Playing right kind of music for your customers can be tricky. But, our experts will mix it with a style you want. Whenever you think of background music services for businesses, planning a soundtrack comes first. Schedule the consultation with us and then get the music that matches your business.

A good music mix can instantly change the customer’s mood. A high quality music choice takes your brand to the next level. However, the requirements varies from one business type to other. By working with wide range of businesses, we can efficiently work with your brand’s requirements. Our best music services in Bangalore include:

Features Of Our Curated Music Services in Bangalore

Entertainment Nine delivers the best background music service for your business. Consultation with professionals is required when it comes to the choice of music for commercial use. As a background music company, we help to build positive vibes in your work place. Highlight your brand with the best background music solutions. Before you get streams of music specifically curated for your business, learn about our features.

1. Demonstration of music profiling that fits your business.

2. Our background music system helps you to play the right music at the right time.

3. Flexible to work in both online and offline channels.

4. Customized music solutions offered for single site as well as multi site businesses.

5. Guarantees the fully legit and licensed music services for business.

6. Trusted company and owns more than a decade of experience in music industry.

With Entertainment Nine having collaborated with extensive range of brands in India, we offer best music system for business. Still confused about how to go about it? Fix a meeting with our team and discuss about your requirements. May be you need a bit of technical suggestions from the industry expertize to feel confident. When we talk about our team, it includes technicians, professional DJs and musicians. With this domain knowledge, we can design, curate, and implement the suitable in-house music systems.


Music For Restaurants

No more hassles! Get the favorite mix of songs for your restaurant customers.

Music For Retail Stores

Choose the right music that fits your retail store and make your customers stay for a long time.

Music For Cafes

Let the music enhance your brand value. Pick the favorite background music for your cafe.

Music For Bars

Select the music that encourages your customer to spend more time and money in your bar.

Music For Hotels

Get different sound tracks for multiple hotel locations. You decide and we can mix it accordingly.

Music For Gyms

Increase the customers inflow, set the mood and manage the music track in your gym.

Music For Spas

Let your customers explore the inner peace with a perfect mix of music for spa.

Music For Offices

Boost the creativity in your workspace with the right type of music for your dedicated office.

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