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This unique bar was designed to be a fun hangout looking to bring in crowd from the age of 18-45. The Hangover team was looking for a turnkey solution to handle their sound & music. Being in the center of Indiranagar’s residential area, this was going to be a bit tricky!

A sound system was designed to a level of 75 db to allow for conversations to take place smoothly while also still allowing a patron to enjoy the background music. We added a twist to this venue to increase interaction with the customers by adding music videos on a screen, making it one of the first bars to have one!

The system design was carried out in a way so that different parts of Hangover had their own zone controls, each capable of having their own level of sound, thus distinctively demarcating a party area from a quiet area.

A music menu was designed with nostalgic and fresh music to appeal to both the young and the old.

Just over a year since its inception, Hangover has been voted the best debut nightclub of 2016!From being one of our most challenging projects to turning into an enjoyable experience, Hangover has been equipped with a solution that has really worked and more importantly, trouble-free!

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