Main features
  • Wireless
  • Modularity
  • Ecosystem
  • Design
Smart Home Automation Devices provide a comprehensive environment that adapts to the needs of the entire family.
Smart, Wireless, retrofit Automation solution for Home, Office, Restaurants, Hotels, Showrooms, and malls at affordable price.


Welcome to the world of automation & security. Home/office automation & security solutions are no longer a luxury. It has become a need for everyone, considering our lifestyle.  We provide end-to-end Smart, wireless automation solution for home, office, restaurants, hotels, showrooms, and malls at the affordable price.

Home and Office Automation

With home and office automation, you can determine and control all reactions of a device. You can set a schedule to dictate when you want devices to turn on and off. You can adjust and monitor various factors like time, money, resources, etc. on your devices based on your personal preferences.

Home automation technology can even alert you about incidents that are happening at home even when you are away, such as water leaks, visitors, electricity, and so on. This makes it extremely convenient to control your appliances and maintain security even when you are away on vacation.

Wireless Retrofit Scalable Modular automation.

Since this is a wireless, scalable technology, the installation process is extremely hassle-free. There’s no need for additional wires, unplugging sockets, replacing switches, or any additional effort. The entire process can be completed within an hour or two with any existing or new layout

The best part is that it’s extremely user-friendly, and is compatible with any smart device. You can access it from your PC, laptop, phone, or tablet. It has been recorded that automation users save up to 35% on electricity and energy consumption.

Play with your lights as much as you can imagine. Create your own color compositions by our Lighting Automation

Configuration interface lets you define any lighting color, change its situation, set predefined colors from mobile devices, start programs, assign interior colors to the specified user or use LED strips for reporting alarm events recorded by Home Centre built-in alarm system.

Automate your parking using lights to

Lighting can set or break the mood of any situation. Our lighting automation allows you to control the intensity of light, set its tone, or change it depending on specific user preferences, and much more. All of this can be done with as simple a device like your mobile phone. You can even set certain LED strip lights as a built-in-alarm to report events that are undesirable or unaccounted for.

Lighting can be controlled even in places like your parking lot, where you can place LED strips as directions and analog proximity sensors. The colors of these strips will change depending on the distance from the walls. This will help in avoiding unnecessary accidents and damages to your car, especially if you are just a beginner in driving.

enhance comfort. You can create lighted parking guidance in your garage using color LED strips and analog proximity sensors. The illuminated color will change depending upon the distance to the walls.

Enhance the Security of your House by Multi-Fold

Sure CCTV cameras are great security devices, but they can only help in solving a crime – not in preventing one. 80% of the places where crime are committed already have CCTV cameras.

By switching to smart security solutions, you can prevent a crime before it happens. These systems use a holistic alarm which includes flashing of lights, loud sirens, and in some cases even notify you on your smart devices.

Start garden watering automatically when the soil is actually dry


Sensors placed on the soil can monitor when it is actually devoid of moisture, and set off the watering system. It carefully controls the amount of water as well. This way, you can rest assured of a lush, green garden at all times

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