Main features

  • Wireless

  • Modularity

  • Ecosystem

  • Design

Smart Home Automation Devices provide a comprehensive environment that adapts to the needs of the entire family.

Smart, wireless, retrofit automation solution for home, office, restaurants, hotels, showrooms and malls at affordable price.

Welcome to the world of automation & security. Home/office automation & security solutions are no longer a luxury. It has become a need for everyone, considering our lifestyle.  We provide end-to-end Smart, wireless automation solution for home, office, restaurants, hotels, showrooms, and malls at the affordable price.

Home and Office Automation

Make your home or office smart and control any electrical appliances. It works very well with any of your existing devices or appliances. Instead of spending money to replace your existing lights, switches, appliances, to make them compatible with automation, you can use the same cost to extend the automation and security of your house.

Wireless Retrofit Scalable Modular automation. No need to replace any switch, appliances no need to pull additional wires. Entire house hardware installation can be done within an hour.

Imagine… Comfort, Safety, Intelligence, Reliability, Aesthetics, and Innovation in your home or office …. At a touch of a button …. From anywhere in the world

Beautifully designed user-friendly interface for everyone. Access your home/office from anywhere in the world using PC, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet. Remote access to your house or office enables you to have better control of your electricity consumption. Generally, automation users can save up to 35% on energy consumption.

Play with your lights as much as you can imagine. Create your own color compositions by our Lighting Automation

Configuration interface lets you define any lighting colour, change its situation, set predefined colours from mobile devices, start programs, assign interior colours to specified user or use LED strips for reporting alarm events recorded by Home Centre built-in alarm system.

Automate your parking using lights to enhance the comfort. You can create lighted parking guidance in your garage using colour LED strips and analog proximity sensors. Illuminated colour will change depending upon distance to the walls.

Start garden watering automatically when the soil is actually dry

Enhance the Security of your house into multiple folds. 99% people in the world think of CCTV cameras for the security of their house, office, showrooms; however, CCTV cameras cannot prevent security incidents, as it is a reactive security measure. 80% of the places like flats, apartments, shops, where security incidents happen, already have CCTV cameras.

Using smart security solutions, you can significantly reduce the possibility of unwanted intrusion or security incidents.  Unlike traditional burglary sound alarm, smart system can also notify about the security breach by flashing of lights, in case you are unable to hear sound alert due to loud music. the smart system can trigger various actions or alerts for you, your neighbours, security guards based upon the scenes that you will create in the system.

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