At the Heart of every Good Venue, Beats a Great Sound System Professional Sound Systems


When it comes to the installation of sound systems, we settle for nothing less than the best in terms of quality & after sales.

We work directly in close collaboration with manufacturers of the best sound systems, and DJ equipment, ensuring to cut out the middlemen & give our client’s quality and satisfaction where our team of professionals will handle the entire project from inception to completion seamlessly, adding that WOW factor rather than just a regular sound setup or Installation



It is safe to say that a night club’s success most definitely depends on the quality of its sound systems, professional DJs and artists, we understand this, and provide the best quality Nightclub sound systems. Furthermore, we take care of the entire installation process, to give a great experience for our clients.


The FnB business is always a tough one, fraught with challenges and an ocean of competitors. Creating the right kind of ambiance through music can be a crucial determinant in the success of your business.

We design and deliver the most optimum solution for your music requirements depending on the nature of your business. Be it soft ambient music, or thumping club music, we go that extra mile in delivering the best possible music system for your business. Furthermore, we also allow for the incorporation of DJ equipment, Karaoke bars, stage setups for bands, and more, within the realm of your budget.



Ambient music is extremely crucial in setting the mood in shops and retail setups. Good quality sound and tasteful music helps in building trust in the customer’s psyche

With Entertainment Nine around, say goodbye to distorted sound systems and poor music choices.



As making a huge capital investment at the beginning of your business can be a tricky ordeal. We understand that, and have therefore made provisions for rental and lease of our systems and equipment.
Get the best quality and the best prices on rentals, and make sure you don’t compromise on delivering the best experience to your customers.

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